Statement of Purpose Sample for Masters and PhD Students 2024

Study Plan Motivation To The Program. Write a Sample for You.

My study aim is to get deep study analysis in a particular field and specifics subject area just like a Master’s in Economics having eighteen years of education experience and stronger background. As I am decided to carry on my study as well as up to the level of M.Phil. and Ph.D.’s in this way this degree gives me knowledge in depth in each and every related field of economics and move towards my aim in future achievements .it will polish my knowledge and furthermore to give me a good experience to bright my knowledge in the field of economics. Having sound knowledge in specifics fields is created a good reputation for the institute. So therefore I decided to pursue my Master’s degree in the field of economics reputationally from china. It is a good and lucky chance to get an education with the Chinese research team. Study in china to provide me a good source of knowledge in many fields of Chinese research departments and also give me an opportunity to do work in new and amazing projects and learn about new innovations and economics indicators.

I have a plan to study in the same field for the purpose and aim of doctrine in economics. pick up the degree from a good institution from( university name ) will open ways for such about my specialized field .my research interests are [ you can skip this part, for MS admission I wrote this way and I suggest it] Electrical engineering is a wide field, but I am interested to do specialization in the following field of electrical engineering. [here you write accordingly with your field just like I am writing about my field of economics .it my core field subject content.

[NOTE; add 2 lines about your subject area and what you want to study and why you want to study. show your interest in the major core of your subjest] As I am interested in the field of economics to explore and research the economics analysis to do more success and want to know how countries will be stronger economically as well as financially .and how they are working on the backend of there economies it is also my aim to study in deeply because of my craze is increasing day by day the reason is that I want to know about most sustainable development countries od the world just like USA RUSSIA CHINA ENGLAND etc. so therefor i have needed a small system to collect information and get reduced human mankind struggles to complete the work or any task. This reduced system is helping the overall productivity of mankind humans and to gives a chance to improve skills for learning.


I have completed my education ( degree name mentioned here) Msc economics from the University of Sargodha (university name mentioned here as you have or you can study) in September 2019 with 3.6 CGPA. i did many projects in the fields of economics-related just like market managing product publisher market magnetizer salesman also working in a department store as a cashier and manager.MY main project areas is product promoter and cost-benefits analysis on particular things I did my final year project with great success so that’s why i did make group leader of my project leadership.I have got many awards from my University in the fame of good work and also get an award as a student of the department of four years programs.

Work/Internship: [if u have any otherwise skip]

I work as a general sales manager in government sweets bakers and departmental stores in Sargodha. i am working also as a salesman trainer and marketer. For 8 months I have been work GULL AHMAD in the main branch as a sales manager. this technical work is part of my job and it was interesting for me to hoe increased the sales and reduced the cost of the firm. which was very useful for me in my practical field.

Reasons to Study in China/or any other country u r applying for : [write as simple u can]

The youth bulge in China has rendered its country with the second-biggest economy nowadays. For the past few decades, policies enforced by China are successful to an amazingly high rate and have taken the country to a brand new level of turning into consequent res publica surpassing u. s. of America. Its instructional system currently ranks amongst the simplest systems within the world and technologically it’s got no competition. finding out abroad from one country additionally depends upon the sort of relations between your country and therefore the country you’re want to use to. Pakistan enjoys a friendship with China right from the origination of the folks Republic of China and has compete a significant role in granting her a brand new standing. China Pakistan Economic Corridors has vastly hyperbolic the positive relations between the 2 countries. Ever since the project has been approved, my ambition to go to China has increased at a bigger pace. Acceptance, friendship, love, and peace with one another would feel ME China as my second country. I suffer from Chinese students in my university they’re terribly friendly and caring folks. together with these reasons, generous scholarships being offered by the Chinese government have opened a window for unprivileged students from accumulation countries like ME. i need to utilize my talent however monetary constraints hinder in my means of doing this. I see this chance as a Golden one and that i are going to be happy to supply any extra data you’ll like.

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